December 9, 2015 – Sunday December 20, 2015
Red Door Gallery is thrilled to welcome Jeannette Lorito and her solo exhibition Storybook Houses. Jeannette is a local illustrator, painter, photographer and founder of The Raise-an-Artist Project – an Ontario based Arts Education Program. Using Ink + Oil on Canvas and Photography, Jeannette’s work evokes the narrative of Storybook Houses – the characters, objects and landscapes we discover within.

Storybook Houses is an exploration of narrative. The use of space in the works invites us to enter and discover the narrative within; to imagine the stories told by the house – its walls, doors, windows – and its characters – it’s animals, objects, landscapes, ghosts. Works are titled after beloved authors as a tribute to those that help shape our imagination. Jeannette lives in her own storybook house with octagon windows, a tiny tea room and a secret passageway. Her house and some of it’s characters are featured here. Storybook Houses captivates, fascinates, excites and delights so much that you can’t wait to turn the page. 
Go Rocco on Go Fund Me Raise-an-Artist Project 

Due to the unavoidable early closure of this show, Red Door Gallery will refund a portion of rental fees to the artist and has offered complimentary exhibiting space in the 2016 program of Red Door Gallery or its partners.