Nature’s Marquee

A celebration under nature’s spotlight
A joint show by Melissa Auchincloss-Smith and Linda Donais Weir
May 21-June 7, 2015

Melissa Auchincloss-Smith’s photographic art incorporates digital painting, acrylic painting, encaustic, compositing and other techniques to create distinctive art that celebrates the beauty found in our world.  Her art work is printed on aluminum, acrylic, canvas, wood, and archival paper.

Linda Donais Weir uses acrylic paint to explore nature, incorporating elements of design, vivid colour and texture. She reflects her personality and spontaneity onto the canvas, and invites you to view the layers of colour and texture and whatever they may suggest.

Donais Weir and Auchincloss-Smith capture glimpses of nature and share them with us, so that we might calm the pace of our lives and enjoy nature first hand:  “As artists who love nature we strive to slow down moments in our existence.  The moments where you are struck by the beauty that surrounds you in the world.  The moments where the light is skimming over a dock at summer’s end, the moment of silence in the morning as the mist is hovering over the calm water.  The moment where the sky changes from purple to pink to golden yellow.  We spotlight these moments using photography, acrylic representational painting, and acrylic interpretative abstract painting.  We preserve these moments and share them with you in the hope that you will become aware of these moments.  These moments are all around us if you can just take a breath to “Stop and Perceive”.  A moment to shine the spotlight on nature in Nature’s Marquee.

Melissa Auchincloss-Smith:
Linda Donais Weir: