Doug Pattison was born in Mississauga in 1961 and started painting at the age of 12.  He studied at numerous art colleges including Three Schools of Art, Toronto, Banff School of Art, Alberta, Ontario College of Art, Toronto

He painted extensively and showed his work 1975-1983, in one man and group shows, including The American Art Gallery in Bern, Switzerland, Gallery Moos in Toronto.  His success culminated in a feature exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

In 1985 Pattison virtually stopped painting for over 20 years.  Raising a family and establishing a building business left no time for professional art practice.  In 2009 he began again, saying “Pain can be a great motivator.  I began, cathartically at first, then exploratively, and then, reasonably well.”  In the past two years he has switched mediums from acrylic to oil paint, under the professional tutelage of painter Lorne Winters.  He jokes “If I had learned how to use this stuff 30 years ago, I’d be brilliant by now!”

Doug now divides his time between earning a living in construction and development and making paintings of life bouys.  He paints daily and constantly strives to develop his skill.