ESSENCE: Our Photographic Journeys

In this joint show, photographers Jason DiMichele and Sheri Binsell show their most recent work; from high impact large scale images to the minutiae of quietly observed details in nature.

Jason DiMichele

Jason DiMichele is a fine art photographer from Milton, Ontario, Canada who specializes in nature and abstract photography. His creative vision is fuelled by his love of the outdoors and explorative nature. His photographic passions include landscapes, abandoned places, wildlife and abstracts.

Jason is an X-Rite Coloratti, Lumix Storyteller (Ambassador) and a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio. He has been published in Outdoor Photography Canada and Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) magazines.

Jason says of his work: “I insist that keeping one’s creative vision at the forefront is ultimately most important. There is always room for our vision as artists to grow and evolve. The camera sees scientifically and therefore we need to see artistically. Capturing the viewer’s emotion and imagination allows them to resonate with my art with a sense of intrigue. My art evokes feelings of serenity, tranquility and intimacy with the subject.”

Sheri Binsell

Sheri Binsell grew up in Caledon and spent summers on Georgian Bay, where she developed a great appreciation for the outdoors.  She attributes this to her adventurous spirit, her love of nature and the environment, and her  fascination for being creative and unique
By utilizing her camera she is able to capture her love of the outdoors with a creative perspective. Sheri is drawn to creating images that are close up or macro, capturing the subtleties and beauty in the things that surround us everyday, and is just as passionate about capturing the vastness of our world.
“To me art represents many things and is subjective through the viewer. If my art can invoke a feeling or emotion, whether it be awe, inspiration, compassion, anger, intrigue, passion, peace or joy, then my intentions as an artist have been fulfilled.”