As Britain faces historic change, and Canada feels the resonance of political change from its southern neighbour, Red Door Gallery has partnered with Rational Expressions Gallery in Ontario to show the work of five leading British artists. Participating artists include:

Julie Anderson
Robin Hazelwood
Gary Long
Rod Pearce
Dawn Reader

St Mary Le Bow by Rod Pearce

Rod Pearce, a true Londoner, graduated from Chelsea Art School in 1964 and worked as an illustrator before becoming a professional artist in 1989.   His works focus primarily on the combination of unique historical architecture and the landscapes the city of London provides, with Rod frequently including the meandering Thames River as his backdrop.  He takes a great deal of inspiration for his work from his local surroundings and his immense knowledge of London.  Whether he is painting St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside or Hammersmith Bridge crossing the Thames, each work provides the viewer an opportunity to share a moment of discovery.  Rod has gained a reputation as a distinguished artist in the London art community and continues to be featured by a number of prominent galleries. In 2003, Rod was commissioned by Cunard to produce three large works for the Queen Mary 2.

As a figurative painter, Gary Long is involved in the creation of images – images that are concerned with the coast, the sea, the sky, and the weather, and also the impressions that they leave.  Working from sketches, memory and intuition, the initial image becomes secondary to the paint and the surface.  It is with the push and drag of the paint building the surface, that Gary arrives close to the essence of his first vision.  Drawing from life plays an important place in his practice.  Up until 2012, for 18 years two days per week, he was the life drawing tutor at University College Falmouth. Currently, he spends much of his time conducting workshops at the St. Ives School of Painting in Cornwall. Gary worked as a graphic artist in British Columbia for a while and that is where he met his wife.

Dawn Reader has work published by International Graphics in Germany. She has worked in theatre and film, most notably for the BBC and the National Theatre, and has had work featured on Channel 4 Television. Her work has also been shown in Elle Decoration, House & Garden and Homes & Gardens magazines.  ”Having long been drawn to the Atlantic, Baltic and North seas, I began to wonder what it would be like to go further north where the oceans are covered in ice and the ground is frosted over. So in the summer of 2009, I took my first trip to the Arctic. I was blown away by the landscape; it is lonely, bleak, craggy and treacherous – but also somehow majestic and free and beautiful. It is these qualities I have tried to capture in my paintings, simplifying and softening the topography and using a limited and somewhat muted palette to convey the stillness and tranquility I found there. I have used handmade translucent glazes, building layers of colour and structure.   Painting ice has been a complete departure for me, and I have loved the challenge. I hope that, through my work, I manage not only to convey the immense unspoiled beauty of the Arctic, but also to raise awareness of the need for its preservation”.

Julie Anderson is an English artist who lives in Cornwall. Her art described in her words is:  “Dark and atmospheric to light and airy, my paintings encapsulate a moment, feeling and experience of the great outdoors.” Julie leads plein air sessions in England that can be all the more fun having to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you by the seaside. Her work styles vary with her subjects and show how much her inspirations and creative voices are rich and changeable.  Her work has been shown at galleries across the UK and it is through a gallery in London that we first came to know about her paintings. She is a participant in major art shows across England and she has international collectors.